My Core Values

Welcome to Higher Ground, the professional website describing my core values, the background that I bring to my work, and what it is I do as a spiritual life educator.

Through my walk with God and my decades of work as a spiritual life educator on three continents, seven core values define my approach to spiritual life as

  • Grace-based
  • Jesus-patterned
  • Holistically-practiced
  • Generously-embracing
  • Relationally-rich
  • Community-experieced
  • Service-centered

Thank you for visiting this website.

May your own journey towards higher ground be rich and full, blessed with stirring company and meaningful fellowship, and may it be full of great hope for a Grace impelled future that is already pouring into our present.


My Journey

My core values have developed through my own personal and professional journey. 

My journey is shared on three landing pages below. 

My Professional Services

My core values and my journey are crucial to understanding my professional services.

As I grow, and listen, I am happy to see the professional services below alter or change.. Some may fade away altogether as others appear. Sometimes the vehicles for that change are already appearing. 

Grace Journeys is one such developing activity reflecting the progression of my experience in working nationally and locally with faith communities and individuals yearning to not abandon religion but do it differently...and more in sync with their spiritual and life experiences.

In other words, many people today don't want to have to fit their experience of God, the sacred and the secular, into an appearance or confession that feels to many to be less than authentic, stirring, or comforting. 

Here are my present professional services: