cd1 Experiencing God in the Bible (a double CD) $20
These opening talks are from a recent Asilomar Bible Conference overlooking Monterey Bay on the central California coast. The talks explore how we can move beyond rehearsing our past lessons or borrowing those of others to encountering God through the Bible in a plateau-busting, transforming experience that restores hope, joy, and love. The second CD in this set is the one available to listen to from the home page of this site.View Tracks  |   For ordering information, click here

 cd2 Following Christ in The Serving Church $15
An inspirational presentation recorded live in Los Angeles. Dick speaks of how biblical models of grace, repentance, humility, and service have redeemed motives for healing and changed lives. For those interested in Dick’s healing ministry, several accounts will be shared.View Tracks  |   For ordering information, click here

 cd3 Following Christ in The Celebrating Church $15
Recorded live in Saint Louis, this hopeful presentation looks at biblical models of community that address the resurrection of the experience of church many Christians are having today. What does primitive Christianity in particular have to say to us today?View Tracks  |   For ordering information, click here

 cd4 Growth in Grace: Christianity’s Unique Gift to Spirituality $15
One of Dick’s earliest and his most popular CD, this presentation explains the element that C.S. Lewis stated was Christianity’s truly unique gift to the world of religion…grace. Most religious pathways are based on some sort of karmic belief that you get what you earn. Grace confounds that understanding, and brings a joy and surrendering trust to the spiritual journey.View Tracks  |   For ordering information, click here

 cd5 God Talks: Forms of Prayer in the Bible $15
This discussion of prayer in the Bible has proven a tremendous help to those experienced in prayer and those just beginning. The variety of approaches to prayer are designed in Scripture to help us overcome the walls and dry spells we may feel in our relationship with God, Never has the Bible teaching been more relevant to life today.View Tracks  |   For ordering information, click here