Spiritual Life Consultant

What is a spiritual life consultant?


In my calling to this ministry, he or she is a listening heart that pulls in alongside someone struggling with reconciling their human experience to their spiritual life and convictions.

By spiritual life I refer to the deepest beliefs and traditions that give form and substance to what frames the hope, meaning, and purpose of an individual’s life and their relationships. For many this “frame” is a religious tradition, and a family or church culture that gives definition as to how this tradition is to be accurately observed.

Faith development explores the intersection of sacred writings, the testimonies of faith “elders” and peers, reason and personal experience with the divine or one’s inner voice. One example of the type of occasion for which I receive a call, email, or visit is when someone’s experience creates growing dissonance with the teachings of their faith tradition. Some feel they can no longer continue in their faith community (in whatever form that community or their participation in it occurs). Sometimes they feel something is wrong with them. At other times they are angry with what they feel is abuse or injury suffered at the hands of the faith community or its traditions.

If you are interested in exploring work with me as a spiritual life consultant, please contact me.